As a life coach, Nadene uses holistic, hands-on methods to transform relationships and lives. Nadene’s passion is helping others and bringing more love into the world. She taps into her powerful connection to the divine to foster genuine, supportive relationships grounded in love, harmony and integrity. Her personalized approach gets to the heart of what’s going on with children, adults and families. Nadene helps parents reboot their parenting approaches—replacing outdated beliefs from their childhood with productive new ones and applying personalized affirmations that transform them deep in their core. For children, Nadene creates an environment that supports their growth and development and allows their true selves to emerge.

Nadene taps into her expertise as a geologist to incorporate rocks and crystals into her practice, bringing the earth inside to ground children and adults alike to the earth the way nature intended. Each rock she introduces into her practice is carefully selected to be unique to the person’s soul.

Without judgment and with an unending supply of unconditional love, Nadene also clears space energetically to allow an increased flow of abundance, health and prosperity. She sincerely desires to heal and transform as many families worldwide as humanly possible.