As a professional life coach, Nadene uses proven, hands-on methods to transform relationships and lives. Nadene’s passion is helping others and bringing more love and hope into the world. She integrates many years of her personal experience, educational background and connection with God to foster genuine, supportive relationships grounded in love, harmony and of the utmost professionalism and integrity. Her personalized approach gets to the heart of what’s going on with children, adults, businesses, and families. Nadene helps parents reboot their parenting approaches—replacing outdated beliefs from their childhood with productive new ones and applying personalized beliefs that transform them deep in their core. For children, Nadene creates an environment that supports their growth and development and allows their true selves to emerge. She also works with individuals and businesses worldwide in enhancing authentic relationships and building businesses and leaders that posses greater fulfillment, abundance and overall success in their personal, business relationships and with their clients abroad. In addition, she aligns businesses to the persons purpose and passions which leads to the overall growth and expansion of a company as everything is in perfect alignment starting with building a solid foundation to creating alignment with the company’s vision, tagline, website, media outlets and so much more.

A lot of people don’t know it but Nadene started out as a Geologist and is really proud of that she’s never lost a passion for this. Some of you might already know that geology is based on the Earth and you can actually make jewelry from the ground. All of what Nadene does is really about helping people uncover that diamond in the rough. Nadene brings her expertise as a geologist into her practice as she to incorporates the uniqueness of each rock in nature to each and every person on earth who has unique gifts talents and a purpose here on Earth. No matter what you have been through, what struggles, abuse, trauma, neglect, etc. you have faced as a child or throughout your lifetime, Nadene has the unique gift to be able to see that we are all diamonds that shine. Every gem starts out dusty! It's part of the Earth, part of Nature... and so are YOU. Just like all of you, you are gems, dusty gems. You are a precious gem in the making! A true diamond in the rough.

Without judgement and with an unending supply of unconditional love, Nadene also clears space to allow an increased flow of abundance, health and prosperity. She sincerely desires to heal and transform as many people and families worldwide as humanly possible.