Nadene Joy is an accomplished life and business coach, and jewellery designer, with a gift for increasing harmony and awareness in the world. She was aptly named, as Nadene’s life work is to bring Joy to others. Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Nadene studied Geography, Biology, and Geology (Hons) at the University of Regina and worked as a Geologist for nine years before becoming a certified feng shui consultant and from there, a successful parenting coach where she, through her God given gifts, helped parents worldwide heal from negative multigenerational patterning passed down from one generation to the next.

She is currently a public speaker, educator, coach/private mentor, and astounding author of her new book “Uncover Your Purpose: Heal and Share Your Gifts With The World.” Through this book and her powerful God given guidance and messages, she has helped heal and transform many peoples lives worldwide through the presence and guidance of the powerful presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Nadene has overcome many obstacles along her journey to get to where she is today, which makes her truly one of a kind, as she is someone who can personally relate on a deep level with each and every one of her clients. She is extremely warm, loving and welcoming to all she meets which fosters genuine increased trust and through working with her clients achieves results most people spend their entire life searching for.

She currently is living her own life’s purpose through helping people all over the world. She helps them heal from negative past experiences that are blocking them from being their true authentic self, living their dreams and life’s purpose. Nadene is also passionate about speaking and educating others on how to realistically uncover their purpose and the daily steps to take to achieve greater love, peace, abundance, purpose and Joy in their lives.

A mother of four children, she has a very special place in her heart for all children as it brings her great Joy to teach the next generation and future leaders of our planet applicable life skills that matter most in our rapidly changing world filled with an overstimulation of technology. Through fun, applied and advanced hands on approaches not currently covered in traditional school systems, she is able to make a positive long lasting impact that remains in their hearts forever. She loves all things creative including arts, music and crafts. Nadene is also a jewelry designer, incorporating her unique knowledge of crystals, Geology and infuses the power God’s pure love into all her designs.